"Just passed my full G road test in rush hour DVP traffic. Thanks Winston & Sue!"                -Jonathan Cresswell-Jones 

Dear Winston,

     I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dan who helped me immensely in preparing me to pass the road test today.  He is an exceptional instructor who is an expert teacher and knows exactly what areas I was struggling with and gave such helpful and individualized instruction. I didn't get my license when I was younger and it was over 10 years ago that I had taken lessons and practically gave up after failing the road test a couple of times when I was in my twenties.  Dan was very patient and his expert instruction helped me to overcome my anxiety, correct my mistakes, increase my confidence and be a safe driver. I cannot thank him enough and will definitely be taking lessons with him to prepare for the G2 exit test. Dan is the Best !!!!!

With Gratitude, 


        " Winston's Driving Academy delivers quality driver education programs with knowledgeable and experienced instructors at competitive price points . Really benefited from working directly with Winston for my in-car lessons. He's very patient and calm and also offered me the scheduling flexibility I needed as a single working mother of a young child. I passed my road test with 92% as a direct result of Winston's instruction. Am a confident driver with my young child in the car, and gaining my license at 37 years of age gives me new freedom and will allow me to have more grand adventures with my child. Thank you Winston for a valuable and worthwhile experience!"   -Jennifer Mackey 



        " I was very lucky to choose this academy in preparation for my g2 test. The service here is very professional, from the in-class teachers to the in-car instructor. The in-class teacher was very thorough and didn't just go through the textbook blindly. He gave us insights and tips from his own experience that really helped. My in-car instructor, Abid, was one of the best and most thorough teachers I have ever met. His attention to detail was impeccable and he was very patient with me. He was also very generous with his time, opting on multiple occassions to make up time I lost, with his own time. His thorough nature ensured that I was fully ready for my drive test, knowing almost every possible thing the examiner could throw at me. "  -Akachukwu Okonkwo

        "I can't say enough good things about my experience with Winston's Driving Academy! They were very accommodating with scheduling my in-class and in-car driving sessions on the weekends. Winston is a wonderful instructor. He was VERY patient and supportive when I was learning how to drive. Sue is amazing. She had always promptly responded to my requests and in setting up my driving sessions with Winston. The in-class portion was very informative and thorough. It had not only covered the basic rules of the road, but also incorporated learning exercises (i.e. analysis of on-road scenarios - potential collisions, identifying hazards, driving in inclement weather, etc.) I am very happy with the service provided by this driving school."  -Marsha W.  

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